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According to Florida law, adoption is the act of creating a legal relationship between a parent and child where it did not exist.

The child is declared to legally be the child of the adoptive parent(s) and their heir; entitled to all the rights and privileges and subject to all the obligations, just as if the child had been biologically born to the parent(s).

If you are considering an adoption, there are two different statutes. Which statute applies to your situation depends on whether or not the biological parents are known and willing to consent to the adoption.

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Frequently Experienced Scenarios

  • I would like to adopt my spouse’s child(ren). The child(ren)’s other parent has had little or no contact with the child(ren). What are my options?
  • Biological parents have approached us and said they are unable to care for their child and would like us to consider adopting him/her. Do we need an adoption agency? What are the options?
  • I/we have had custody of a child for some time. The biological parent(s) have little or no contact with the child. If I/we wanted to adopt the child, could we?
  • I/we are a same sex couple. Can we adopt in the state of Florida?