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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation involves any private lawsuit that does not involve criminal penalties. When people get into disputes about ownership and rights to property, the legal response is to file a law suit. Civil Litigation can involve:

  • Suing for financial losses for failure to complete business services;
  • Evictions by landlords;
  • Disputes regarding the ownership of real estate;
  • I am a beneficiary of my relative’s trust. The Trustee has not provided any information to me about what, if any, inheritance I am entitled to. How do I make the trustee provide me with this information? 

There are many other types of lawsuits. If you are in a dispute that you cannot resolve, then you may have to pursue litigation to resolve those problems.

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Frequently Experienced Scenarios

  • I hired a roofer to replace my roof. They took a deposit, tore off the old roof, but have not finished the job and won’t refund my money so I can hire another contractor. What can I do?
  • I stopped paying rent, because the landlord won’t fix the water heater. Now I’ve been served with an eviction notice. What are my options?
  • My husband and I married five years ago, and he moved into my house that I’d been living in for 13-years prior. Now he wants a divorce and half the value of my house. Can he do that?