Family Law

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Family Law

There is a wide spectrum of Family Law issues that face clients today.

A traditional Dissolution of Marriage will deal with questions of Unequal Distribution of Assets; a Parenting Plan; Child Support and Alimony, as well as payment of attorney’s fees and costs.

To help provide some insight into the steps and information that will be necessary to dissolve your marriage, we have prepared the Steps for Dissolution of Marriage guide.

In today’s society, additional family law questions that we help answer include:

  • What is an unmarried father’s rights and responsibilities toward his child?
  • What, if any, rights do grandparents have toward visitation with their grandchildren?
  • If a child is at risk of being abused, abandoned or neglected and family or friends are concerned, what are their remedies in attempting to protect the child?
  • If the state of Florida finds probable cause to Shelter a Child and remove the child from their parents’ custody, what rights do the parents have in such a proceeding?

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Frequently Experienced Scenarios

  • John has decided to divorce his wife. He hasn’t told her yet and wants to know what his rights and responsibilities are going to be before he tells his wife. What should he do?
  • Jane Doe’s daughter left the grandchildren with Jane and has been unavailable. Jane has not been able to enroll the children in school and is concerned that if the mother returns, she will have to return the children. She is concerned for the children’s safety. What should she do?
  • John Doe was never married to his children’s mother. They have now separated and she is not allowing him as much contact and involvement with the children as he would like. What are his options?
  • Jane Doe sent her children on an extended summer visitation with their father. He did not return the children at the designated time. He has now filed a motion to change the custody visitation schedule. What are Jane’s options?